Europeana terms for user contributions

This document contains the terms applicable to users who contribute content and metadata to the website of the Europeana Foundation. The user must be aware that the Europeana Foundation strives to make all content and metadata available for reuse with a minimum of restrictions.

As part of this policy, the Europeana Terms for User Contributions establish that all content that is contributed to Europeana by its users will be made available on under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license. This means that, when a user posts content on the website, he irrevocably grants third parties the right to freely use that content, as long as they attribute the work to the author and share alterations of that content under the same conditions.


If you do not agree with these policies please do not contribute content and/or metadata to Europeana.

These Terms for User Contributions determines inter alia the following aspects of the relationship between users contributing content to and Europeana:

  • Passwords and logging in (Article 3)
  • Responsibility for the operation of the platform (Article 4)
  • Intellectual property rights to the content (Article 5)
  • Intellectual property rights to metadata (Article 6)
  • Unlawful use of the service (Article 7)
  • Users’ personal data (privacy) (Article 8)
  • Liability of the parties in the event of damage or loss (Article 9)

By creating an account on, the user indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions. Once a user account is created, the conditions can be accessed on

Separate pages hold this project’s:

Europeana terms of use: summary

Before you can submit digital material to Europeana, you must agree to the Europeana Terms for User Contributions – See above paragraph. Among the most important consequences of accepting these terms, are the following:

You guarantee that:

  • the digital material that you submit is not copyright protected; or
  • you own the rights to this digital material; or
  • the owner of these rights has authorized you to submit the digital material under the following conditions.
  • For the content you contribute (such as a video, a photo, a diary, a picture or audio material), you are allowing everybody to use this content in almost any way they wish. However, they must attribute the content to the rights owner. And if they make alterations to the content, they have to allow others to use the altered content under the same conditions.
  • For the descriptive data you submit (such as descriptions or tags) so your content can be found by search engines, you are allowing everybody to use these descriptive data in almost any way they like, without further conditions.

If you do not want to accept these terms, then please do not contribute content or descriptive data to Europeana.

Europeana terms of use: full legal details – Only available in English

Europeana Terms for User Contributions